Why Are Politicians So Scared of The Right Wing Crazies?

Markus Anthony
4 min readJan 8, 2021

The cries to impeach Trump for a second time or remove him from office through the 25th Amendment are loud and clear by some brave legislators in our government. Trump clearly is guilty of treason, inciting insurrection and sedition. There’s no argument here. This is the first time where a sitting president attempted to send a mob to attack the Legislative branch of our government.

But I’m hearing that the call to remove this disgusting man from office is being discouraged by politicians because “they don’t want to inflame the right wing supporters who might be more enraged”?? Are you kidding me?? You’re worried about upsetting criminals, right wing hate groups, domestic terrorists and people trying to overthrow our government? What the hell has happened to the backbone of our elected officials?

I will personally invite everyone who was involved in the destruction and siege of our nation’s Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021 and welcome them back to Washington on Inauguration Day with open arms!! Let them come by the thousands. But this time I would have 50,000 Federal troops and 500 arrest buses to give them a proper welcome.

Our leaders are actually afraid of alienating these crazies?? Does the Republican Party (now the Domestic Terrorist Party) actually want to preserve the support of these violent, white nationalist groups?? Has anyone listened to these retarded morons when they are interviewed on camera?? I saw two old crazy women who were part of the mob boldly stating that the violence was being carried out by Antifa?? OMG, you can’t be any more stupid than to wear a Trump 2020 t-shirt while you’re trashing the Capitol and have the nerve to sit there and pin it on a blameless group on the other side. It’s absolutely absurd. These nut jobs are so delusional, they actually believe their own lies as they’re telling them to the press.

Right wing, Republican domestic terrorists were allowed to waltz into our Capitol, disrupt legislative proceedings, threaten our leaders, take selfies with the police, vandalize and trash our most sacred site of democracy, steal classified documents and who knows what else and then casually walk back out without any consequences. I wholeheartedly invite them all back to Washington anytime so they can face the Federal prison terms that they ALL deserve.

It’s so painfully obvious that Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani, Mo Brooks, Baby Don Jr., Josh Hawley, Lying Ted Cruz and every other representative who voted to obstruct the counting of the presidential votes, ALL deserve to be in Federal prison right next to all of their fanatical supporters who desecrated our Capitol. The 82+ millions Americans who cast legal ballots to remove this horrible administration need to rise up and demand harsh justice.

Every one of the above mentioned dirtbags who spoke at Trump’s rally in Washington are all guilty of inciting a riot against the U.S. Government. They are guilty of treason. They are guilty of sedition. These crimes cannot go without dire consequences. If we let these disgusting traitors off with a warning, we are disregarding our laws, weakening our democracy and failing miserably in the sworn duties that every legislator takes before assuming office.

Seven senators, 147 House members, and countless state senators and representatives from across our country are now labeled with the black stains of sedition and treason. They ALL voted to overturn your vote, even after the attack on the Capitol. Some of them even tried to invalidate the voters in THEIR OWN STATES!! There is no punishment, censure or consequence is too outrageous for these traitors.

It’s time for the majority voters to stand up and take action. I plan to continue to call out these traitors, and never, ever let them escape their crimes. Their names need to live in infamy as the most heinous traitors in our country’s history. I also plan to find their supporters, because these are the American companies who have gladly supported the campaigns of treasonous legislators.

The easiest one to start with is admitted crack addict and pillow clown Mike Lindell, who has not only supported seditionists, but he also downplayed and dismissed the Covid-19 pandemic, and probably cost Americans their lives. Anyone owning any junk merchandise from this bozo should take it out into the streets and burn it.

If our legislators are too weak or too scared to take on the radical terrorists now pulling the strings for the Republican Party, then they are obviously too feeble to hold an office in the United States Congress. We need to follow each and every politician who is somehow threatened by domestic terrorists, and remove them when necessary. These same politicians are sworn to protect us, and if they fail to act, then they are clearly unfit to serve.



Markus Anthony

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