Republicans Should Make Trump Irrelevant Immediately!

Since the conclusion of the 2020 election, I’ve heard a lot of yacking about Trump being a candidate in 2024. I have to laugh, because if the Republican Party continues to back this bozo, they might be irrelevant sooner than they think.

The Republican Party needs to retool itself, because they continue to lose a greater percentage of American voters in the popular vote and they need to reverse this trend before 2024. Trump obviously pandered to his uneducated, whacked out base because that was the only thing he knew how to do. But as a forward strategy for Republicans, this was ignorant.

There are plenty of moderate Independent voters like me along with moderate Democrats who would back a normal, centrist, and effective candidate. Trump won the 2016 election simply because voters thought he was an “outsider”. They believed he was going to clean up the swamp. They didn’t realize that he was the same entitled white clown that Washington is already filled with. And after 4 years of Trump madness, voters realized he was not only an insane baby, but he deceived the American people over the Covid-19 pandemic, costing innocent lives all across our country.

It’s been well reported that Trump’s hollow “drain the swamp” campaign promise was hogwash. There is plenty of evidence that a host of former Trump administration staffers are now lobbyists, benefiting particularly from the pandemic, in violation of his own executive order. In actuality, Trump has overflowed the swamp, and the Republican Party should seriously take note here. According to the New York Times, federal lobbying revenues have tripled in the Trump presidency. If you want to sway the American electorate on a platform of draining the swamp, Trump is definitely not your guy.

As soon as he leaves office, Trump will no longer be able to hide behind his faux presidential immunity from tax fraud charges, as well as a litany of other lawsuits against him and the Trump organization. His massive $400+ million plus debt will finally be unveiled, and we will ultimately know who his creditors are. His cherished “Trump branding” as a successful business magnate will be trashed. His pathetic claim that he has a $20 billion fortune will be exposed as folly and bluster.

So if the Republicans are carefully planning their next moves, they need to move on from this paper dictator. Hopefully they will realize that sooner than later.

Politico recently described Trump as a flight risk. Trump himself, when asked what he would do if he lost the election said, “maybe I will have to leave the country, I don’t know.” Wow. Republicans again take note. He won’t be able to be pardoned by Pence, who will be long gone. His only hope is that Biden will pardon him, through some sort of sympathy and upholding of tradition.

I know Trumpists won’t move on from their unfathomable loyalty to a truly divisive, corrupt president. But the Republican brain trust should really move on.

I’ve never understood the practice of the mainstream media covering Trump’s ignorant rantings on Twitter. Twitter only reaches about 17% of Americans, and even less of registered voters. The only reason a majority of Americans hear about his Twitter feed is because the major networks put it on the air or the internet. As Trump leaves the White House in shame, bitter and whining about fraud, hopefully his Twitter account will become as irrelevant as his phony accomplishments.

The worst fallout from the Trump exit from the White House is going to be his damaging effects on our stock market. The markets thrive on certainty and they are battered by uncertainty. Trump’s plan for a long protracted legal battle up to the Supreme Court will leave the country and the stock market in a state of chaos. If all of the top Republican leaders denounce this strategy, maybe America can be saved over the next 2 months.

It would be the best scenario for America if Trump and his family packed their bags and boarded a plane for Fiji. Oh wait, Fiji has an extradition treaty with the U.S. Maybe the Trump family should try Turkmenistan…

Here’s hoping that Trump is irrelevant by 2021 and the Republican Party will be stronger and healthier for it.

Former newspaper reporter, published author, informed thinker...