Trump, Republicans Fiddle While America Burns

Markus Anthony
4 min readNov 12, 2020


While Trump is holed up in the White House, plotting to overturn the 2020 election results, Republicans are joining him with their silence and failure to recognize the Joe Biden presidency.

Do Americans really comprehend what’s going to happen if Trump and the Republican Party get the Supreme Court to unwind the presidential election? I don’t think they do.

While Americans casually go about their lives, opening record bottles of champagne in raucous celebration of the Trump family’s demise, Secretary of State and lame duck yes man Mike Pompeo casually asserted that “there will be a smooth transition to a second Trump administration”.

I don’t think Americans understand what’s going on here. They obviously don’t because the stock market is reaching record highs today and most of the media has been whistling past the graveyard every single day since they collectively called the election for Biden within minutes of each other.

The Supreme Court has meddled in elections before, when the court’s make up was much further to the left. In 2000, they disenfranchised voters and ignored the will of 51 million American voters. Over 540,000 more American voters DID NOT want George Bush to be President, and the Supreme Court subverted the will of the people and stopped the vote count in order to provide a win for the minority. What makes anybody think they won’t do it again, as Trump has had the good fortune to pack the court with an overwhelming majority of Conservative toadies.

I could write an entire article about Septomom Amy Coney Barrett, and I probably will.

Her nefarious appointment to the Supreme Court while the 2020 presidential election was already underway is definitive evidence of the motives of Trump and McConnell. And Barrett’s refusal to answer the most important question in her confirmation hearing, if she would recuse herself from any 2020 election disputes, makes her an illegitimate and biased Supreme Court justice. Her opinion in any election litigation will provide further evidence that the Supreme Court is now completely partisan, corrupt and unable to act as a judicial check and balance mechanism, as it was intended by the founders. They will now be plainly seen as a legislative body for the insidious motives of Trump and McConnell.

Our democracy, our national security and our battle with Covid-19 are already severely compromised because of the transition delays. The 77 million voters who cast their ballot to oust Trump are obviously unaware of what a dangerous time we are in right now.

The Pentagon and the Department of Defense have already been gutted with resignations and firings, making the United States more vulnerable to foreign attacks than any other time in our history. A plethora of inexperienced Trump loyalists are now in charge of our national security. It’s been theorized that during the 2000 transition, delays may have led to the failures on 9/11. Don’t fool yourselves, America. All is not well right now. HHS Secretary Alex Azar stated unequivocally on CNBC that he would NOT be transitioning information to the Biden Covid-19 task force.

Presidential transitions are always a dangerous time. The transfer of power is a critically important time and the Trump shenanigans are really inappropriate and dangerous.

As Covid rages across our nation and bodies are piling up in El Paso, TX., the Trump/McConnell stonewalling is having a huge toll on Biden’s ability to begin a sensible strategy to combat our nation’s biggest threat.

America has the oldest and most sacred constitutional democracy in world history. Now our democracy is under fire, and our world enemies are reveling as Trump and the Republican Party attempt to burn America to the ground. Our right to free and fair elections is under fire. Our economy is under fire. The effectiveness of our national security agencies is under fire. And fire is the key word here.

Everyone knows the story of Nero playing his violin while Rome burned. Trump and the Republicans are doing likewise, standing by while America burns. Clearly, Americans are not heeding the warning of Mary Trump, who said, “He (Trump) will take the entire country down with him”. I believe her. Rather than gracefully accept defeat like every previous administration in our country’s history, Trump and McConnell are just the sort of leaders who will lay waste to this country for their egos and self interests.

The best thing Americans can do right now is remember McConnell’s vile actions when they go to the polls in Georgia for the Senate runoff elections. If we can finally oust Trump and demote McConnell to the minority, we may still have a chance at some sanity in America over the next four years.



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