Trump and The Traitors Will Not Be Punished…so what can YOU do?

I’m quite sure most Americans have no idea what their elected representatives to Congress are up to right now. I have been a journalist for over 3 decades and we are now living in the most dangerous times I’ve ever seen because we have over 150 traitors, seditionists, whatever you want to call them, in the halls of the Capitol building. These Senators and Representatives are paid by you to uphold the law, defend the Constitution, and for some bizarre reason they are committing treasonous acts in trying to hold onto power for the Trump fantasy presidency.

At no time in our country’s history has our democracy been more threatened by traitors. Our republic could crumble any day now, and I’m sure Americans are on Facebook, going blindly about their uninformed lives while their elected officials are staging a coup.

Anyone who follows politics will already know that Trump will do ANYTHING, legal or illegal, to avoid being called a loser. But that’s exactly what HE IS. So his actions after the American voters have been heard loud and clear, are not at all surprising. His phone call to the Georgia Secretary of State, asking that he “find” votes to switch over to Trump, while unprecedented and treasonous, is not surprising. History will look back at this phone call as the biggest act of treason ever committed by a U.S. president. In a perfect world, Trump would be facing federal prison already, but American democracy has become weak and ineffective over the last 20 years.

But what is surprising is the fact that Vice President Mike Pence, 140 House members and at least 11 Senators are now conspiring to overturn your vote. We now have over 150 elected officials in Washington who are committing the very worst act of treason to our Constitution. They are attempting to override the will of the people, the cornerstone of our democracy since it’s inception. The right to have your voice heard through the process of voting is the only thing that separates America from dictatorships, fascism and the overthrow of our representative government.

And the sad reality of our government today is that none of these traitors will be punished for their crimes for trying to override the will of the American people. In the early days of American democracy, these members of Congress would be hanged. But today, none of them will even spend one day in jail, much less be censured or punished in any way.

So that leaves the American voter hanging out to dry, again. You can wait until these officials are up for re-election, but that takes years and by the time they are running for Congress once again, all their heinous crimes will be long forgotten.

Or you could take to the streets and protest, but you would only end up being teargassed by Trump and the stormtroopers in Washington. When elections don’t turn out as planned in communist countries, teargassing is the only answer, and apparently now that’s the norm in America.

So what can Americans do to punish these traitors? You can do the only thing that you’ve ever been able to do. You can do something that is far more powerful than voting once every four to six years. YOU CAN VOTE WITH YOUR WALLET!!

Right now, today, American can voters can pull their money from the companies that finance the campaigns of these traitors. Companies like AT&T, Goldman Sachs, Blackstone, and countless other large American companies will be financing the re-election campaigns of traitors like Rep. Mo Brooks and Senator Josh Hawley and Senator Ted Cruz. When American companies are forced to pull their campaign contributions from such traitors or face bankruptcy, then these treasonous American criminals will disappear into the obscurity that they deserve. You won’t see any more Ted Cruz’s of the world shooting their yap off on television, trying to overturn your vote.

The American consumer represents 68% of our total economy. Tell the CEO’s of these companies that if they continue to finance traitors, they’re going to lose over 60% of their business in America, they will quickly stop financing the attempted overturn of your vote.

Trump and the 150 plus traitors are trying to set up an autocracy, and make your vote worthless. Do something about it.

We are at an unprecedented time in our political history, and if the American voter won’t stand up to protect the weight of our votes and the true and absolute will of the people, then all is lost.

I personally try to never do business with companies that finance traitors. And I won’t tell you it’s easy. But it’s supremely worth it for the defense of our Constitution.

Do some research and find out where companies put their campaign contributions. There are plenty of websites that list the financial traitors, and you can pull your consumer dollars from them.

Once they feel the consequences of their actions, then and only then will things change in this country. Americans should have been doing this for the last 20 years, but time is running out to make a difference and save democracy for your children and grandchildren.

Take the time to find these companies and punish them. We know Trump and the traitors will not be punished, but there is a better, more effective way to hold their enablers accountable. Do it before it’s too late, and before you find yourself living in the Russian version of America.


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Markus Anthony

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