Today, January 7, 2021–82 Million Americans Need To Take The Gloves Off!!

January 6, 2021 will forever be the day that a sitting American president incited an insurrection on our U.S. Capitol Building.

Today, January 7, is the day that the 82 million American majority needs to take the gloves off on Donald Trump, his family, and every single one of the co-conspirators who tried to bring down our Republic.

The time for diplomacy, olive branches and patty cake rhetoric is over. The Republican Party has been taken over by mob mentality, and the Republican Party of Domestic Terror now needs to be held accountable — beginning with our Department of Justice and through our criminal justice system.

A mere 50 arrests were made in Washington, D.C. yesterday, and the FBI must now pull out all stops to hunt down and prosecute every single individual who invaded our Capitol. Severe punishment needs to be handed out on these domestic terrorists.

Calling the Republican Party the “party of law and order” is now the biggest fallacy in American political history. They are the party of mob rule and insurrection. Sen. Josh Hawley, Sen. Ron Johnson and Sen. Ted Cruz need to be prosecuted as the leaders of a domestic terrorist organization. All 150+ legislators who led this insurrection by objecting to the free and fair elections on Nov. 3 need to be brought to justice.

If thousands of Trump hillbillies think that they can take over our government, then it’s time for the overwhelming 82 million American majority to stand up and stomp this insurrection down permanently.

Carrying weapons and Confederate flags, smashing windows and waltzing into the centerpiece of American democracy must be punished, severely and completely, in order to extinguish the Trump fanatics in every state in our nation. Our reaction to this madness cannot be strong enough. If there was ever a time for overreaction, that time is now.

I’m afraid Joe Biden is not the President for this moment. While he’s talking about decency, and reaching across the aisle, these measures will be futile. Trump himself told Governors across the nation that “you need to dominate”. Well that’s the only thing I’ll ever agree with Trump on. Except he had it backwards. The majority needs to dominate the insurrectionists, now, and severely. Just look at the images of the Capitol insurrection — you can’t use diplomacy with thugs and criminals.

Trump and the Republican Party are the MINORITY. They don’t have the right to dictate anything. This attempted coup by the minority needs to be shot down harshly and immediately. Half measures will avail us nothing right now.

Our democratic process is now being laughed at around the world. When we are being lectured by countries like Colombia and Ecuador, and we are being chastised by Russia, then it’s time to realize that Trump and his domestic terrorists in Congress have made American democracy the laughing stock of the world. Do 82 million Americans just let this stand???

Even after the insurrection at the Capitol, Republican Senators continued to instigate mob rule by persistent objections to the vote certifications in swing states.

All day I’ve heard political pundits talk about how strong “the rule of law” is in our country. Ha, what a laugh. Just because order was restored and Congress resumed doesn’t diminish the black stain on our democracy. The rule of law only works when the perpetrators of domestic terror are brought to justice. The rule of law only works when accountability and punishment have been served. Trump, Hawley, Johnson and Cruz need to be prosecuted and punished for their crimes of sedition, treason and insurrection.

There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that this gang of four incited this violence. So what’s the remedy for the MAJORITY?? Do we stand aside once again and do nothing??

These four need to be removed from office immediately. I don’t care if there’s no time to impeach Trump a second time. He needs to be removed from office today by any means necessary, whether it be the 25th Amendment or any other fitness test required to prevent Trump from ever inciting insurrection again. He must never be allowed to run for office again. We are long past the time for inaction. Trump’s last 13 days in office will continue to be a powder keg.

The 82 million majority cannot have our voices shouted down by stupidity, violence, conspiracy theories and outright lies. The overwhelming renunciation of Trump and the Republican Party is one of the biggest landslides in American presidential history. Never have so many Americans voted in unprecedented numbers to remove an incompetent moron from office.

So now that we have voted, and our votes have been officially counted, it’s time for direct action against those who would bring our republic down for their own self interests.

I can’t stress enough how Trump, Hawley, Johnson and Cruz MUST BE PUNISHED. It’s time for the American majority to take the gloves off.



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Markus Anthony

Former newspaper reporter, published author, informed thinker...