The Ignorance of Chip Roy Should Wake Up Texas Voters

Dr. Robert Monahan, House of Representatives attending physician, reinstituted mask rules for all House Buildings, the Hall of the House and all House Committee meetings in an attempt to protect House members and staff from the deadly Delta Covid variant.

Instead of following the advice of a physician who’s only motivation is to protect members of the House and their staff, Representative Roy chose to become unglued in an infantile, whiny rant about how he would rather shut down the House business than simply put on a mask. This pathetic bozo continues the Republican politicization of the simple act of protecting your fellow citizens with a mask.

Medical experts (clearly not Chipper Roy), now have definitive information that the Delta variant has the following dangerous components:

  1. The Delta variant is as transmissible as chicken pox, making it ridiculously easy to spread to unsuspecting people.
  2. People who are fully vaccinated can spread the Delta variant just as easily as unvaccinated people. Researchers found the same amount of deadly virus in the noses of vaccinated and unvaccinated subjects. The only reason to be vaccinated now is to prevent serious hospitalization or death, which the vaccines clearly do.
  3. The viral load of the Delta variant is so severe that it is 60% more transmissible than the original Alpha Covid strain. This means that when a moron like Chip Roy exhales in an indoor setting, he’s spewing 1000 times more airborne death germs to his Congressional colleagues.
  4. When you inhale the infected breath of unmasked idiots like Chip Roy and his fellow Seditionists, you are getting a far more potent dose of infected aerosol, with the likelihood of producing much more deadly outcomes.

When I heard Roy’s asinine baby tantrum, I assumed he had either graduated from Barber or Clown College. I guess I was premature to assume he even went to college because now if you have an online GED moments before you’re elected, then you qualify to be a House of Representatives member (Lauren Boebert) for the Insurrection Party.

But the University of Texas actually gave Roy a law degree. I suspect Roy’s daddy bought and paid for this degree with a new building or football field, but I digress. The bottom line is that the University of Texas should not only be ashamed of this fool, but they should either revoke his accreditation or seriously consider revamping their requirements to be a graduate.

Roy’s reasoning for protesting the House mask mandate (as well as ignoring the knowledge of a professional physician) was that he wanted to know why the rules weren’t either “masks or vaccination”. God, what a lamebrain.

Is Chip Roy so ignorant that he thinks that the highly technical discipline of virology is some black and white science?? If Chip Roy went to his family physician with a heart condition, would he demand that the doctor prescribe either diet or exercise or medication? Would he accept only one single treatment or bitch and moan like a child? If his child had cancer, would he badger the oncologist to pronounce one single treatment? Chip Roy is wholly unqualified and far too vacuous to be a member of Congress.

Experts are now universal in the knowledge that right now, with the Delta variant raging across the country, vaccinations, masks, social distancing, and virtually every other defense we can think of will be required to bring the Delta strain under control.

Dunderhead Chip Roy also doesn’t care about the fact that immunocompromised members of Congress will also be at a greater risk of developing either serious or long term medical problems from exposure to the Delta variant. Vaccinated people with immune deficiencies still die every single day!! But I guess it’s far important that colleagues and cameras get to see Chip Roy’s repulsive appearance without a mask.

Texas voters need to watch episodes like this and take a stand for qualified, effective representation, and denounce the rantings and childish behavior of an out of touch 5-year-old. We all know that Congress, in general, is a completely ineffective, uneducated and broken institution. But to waste the people’s time and money with crybaby rhetoric is an abomination to what should actually be going on in Congress.

And if you want to see the only House member in support of Roy’s uninformed tirade, watch the tape and you’ll see who else but Mask and Anti-Vax Villainess Marjorie Taylor Greene, hands down the most useless member of Congress in modern American history. Greene has introduced such important issues as Jewish Space Lasers, Parkland shooting denial, QAnon, and a plethora of statements comparing masks and vaccines to Nazism and the Holocaust.

Wake up Texas and refuse to be represented by STUPID any longer!!



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