Suddenly Republicans Are Soft On Terror — Because It’s Their Own

Markus Anthony
4 min readJan 12, 2021

Every since George W. Bush invaded Iraq, costing over 4,400 American soldiers their lives, Republicans have been trumpeting their cause for “The War on Terror”.

For almost 18 years, the Republican Party has been telling you that they are the party of strength, that you can rely on them to protect you from terrorist attacks. They’ve also been telling you that Democrats are weak, soft on terror, and that a vote cast for a Democrat is a vote for the terrorists who would like to kill you. The Republican rhetoric about their supposed bravado against terrorism has flooded our airwaves for about two decades. Every time a Republican congressman or woman wanted to label their Democratic opponents, they would try to tap into the fears of the American people about how terrorists were going to run wild on you and your children with a Democrat in office. The boogeyman was coming.

Draft dodgers like Trump, Mitch McConnell and Rudy Giuliani will be the first ones to bloviate about what badasses they are. Giuliani and Baby Don Jr. are really good at talking about “trial by combat” when they are hiding behind Secret Service. They incited an insurrection but I noticed they were nowhere near the place when it was time to throw down. I saw 80 year old grandmas at the riots who were right in the middle of the Capitol chaos, but I didn’t see Hawley, Cruz or any of the other “big talk” Republicans.

By far the best story I’ve heard about macho Republicans was Lindsey Graham, who was heard whining and berating Capitol police for “not protecting him”, as he was cowering under a desk. It defies all logic as to how pathetic losers like Graham even get into Congress in the first place. There are thousands of more qualified candidates in this country who wouldn’t be hiding under their desks.

So even though it’s clear that the Republicans in our government are full blown cowards, somehow the Republican Party has painted themselves as the party of strength, the party that will protect America from terrorism.

In the aftermath of the Trump Hawley Cruz Brooks Giuliani Insurrection, now Republicans are calling for peace and unity. They are telling the American people that now we need to put aside the tough rhetoric, stop the division and heal our nation.


Republicans are now telling you that we need to let Donald Trump off scot free, no consequences, no 25th Amendment, no impeachment, because that would further divide the nation. Seriously, are they kidding?

So the message here is clear: WE ARE THE PARTY OF THE WAR ON TERROR, EXCEPT WHEN WE CAUSE THE TERROR. IF WE INCITE THE TERROR, THEN WE JUST NEED TO LET IT SLIDE…let that sink in until your brain is about to explode.

Trump started the unprecedented level of division in this country by declaring that the election would be fixed if he lost. End of story. And over 150 Republican lawmakers and countless Trump lawyers kept that lie up for months. Even after recount after recount, lawsuit after lawsuit being thrown out of court, this unconscionable lie is what brought this country to the brink of civil war.

This lie is what divided this country to a level we haven’t see in 160 years. Every single Republican who perpetuated that lie is culpable in 5 deaths, the devastation at the Capitol, and the attempted overthrow of our government. Democracy was almost shattered after months of lies.

And now Republicans want peace…of course they do. They’re all trying to run for cover, pretending it didn’t happen. Well you can’t take back all your Twitter lies, your Instagram lies, your Facebook lies. The recorded lies of these traitors will live forever.

So clearly now is the time for severe penalties. Severe punishment. Severe consequences. If George Washington had organized and unleashed a mob on the U.S. Congress in 1789, they would have strung him up from the tallest tree in a day or two.

I sincerely hope we’ve seen the last from traitors like Trump, Hawley, Cruz, Brooks, Giuliani and many more. They all deserve their own section at Guantanamo Bay, indefinitely, and nothing less. Because anything less tells the insurrectionists that they got away with it, that terrorism wins. And to let terrorism win is completely against Republican ideals, RIGHT???



Markus Anthony

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