Can We Stop The “Chin Diaper” Killers?

I live in a place where we’ve had mask mandates for a long time, thank God. I do occasionally see anti-maskers, but it’s very rare here. But what I do see EVERY SINGLE TIME I leave the house, are the “Chin Diaper Killers”, or morons wearing a mask below their nose. I can’t take credit for the chin diaper moniker, it was the South Park Pandemic Special that introduced this perfect name for people who think they’re doing us a favor by putting a mask around their chin and breathing out their noses indoors.

I would love to dissect their brains and find out what’s going on in there to elicit the mentality that causes this behavior. Do they not know that Covid-19 is a breathing disease, spread almost ALWAYS by air? Or are they really just Trump fans who will wear the chin diaper to avoid a confrontation while thumbing their nose at the innocent and vulnerable? Or perhaps they are just too stupid to read or watch one of the millions of stories about proper mask wearing? I really wish I knew the answer here.

I snapped the picture above this morning at a retail store, and probably a third of people in the store were charter members of the Chin Diaper Killers club. There were employees, stocking contractors and customers alike wearing their masks around their chins, breathing, and possibly sneezing on all the other unsuspecting victims in the store.

Would they be remorseful if someone told them that they were responsible for killing an innocent person today, possibly a neighbor? Would it matter to them? If you were standing outside their house in the morning as they left, and you told them if they could just pull up that mask about 1", they could save a neighbor or even several neighbors this week, would they do it?

Do people really not know how contagious this disease is?? Even Trump, a complete closet case when it comes to intelligence, knew how deadly and contagious Covid was back in February.

What if you explained to them about the “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” seriousness of Covid, where if you breath on someone, and they are an asymptomatic carrier, they could potentially infect people all day long. They could infect people for months, for that matter. Would the Chin Diaper Killers then realize that they could be potentially killing dozens of vulnerable people and if so, would they even care?

Is it a surprise to anyone that Covid is exploding right now in this country? Is it a surprise to anyone that countries like South Korea and China have escaped the atrocious percentage of deaths that we are suffering in the US, just by quarantining, correct mask wearing and social distancing?

Sadly, Chin Diaper Killers are everywhere, surrounding us like a street gang in a dark alley. NFL coaches and staff are constantly on camera wearing their masks incorrectly. I was in two suburban hospitals in the past 3 months for testing, and incredibly I saw nurses who were Chin Diaper Killers in both locations. They are in our grocery stores and other retail businesses. They are in our schools, and in our churches.

Because stupidity, selfishness and just plain unnecessary defiance all run rampant in America, I don’t believe we will stop the Chin Diaper Killers.

Business owners and local officials could stop them by consistently shaming and penalizing these loathsome people. But sadly, it’s easier to say nothing, do nothing and just let people around us die.

Congress even had a hard time stopping Republican Princess of Darkness Marjorie Taylor Greene from infecting her colleagues in the House because she objected to mask wearing. Her “my body, my choice” mendacity had to be the most retarded thing ever uttered in the halls of Congress. Weren’t people prosecuted for purposely infecting someone with HIV? Someone tell me how Covid infections are any different? I know there are laws for “willful disregard” to do harm on our books.

So the ultimate question is why are the law abiding, mask wearing citizens in America subjected to this tragedy without any consequences for the spreaders?

Well guess what, Chin Diaper Killers? It’s simply a statistical certainty that if you run around wearing a mask incorrectly for appearances sake, or feigning some lame phony breathing issue, you will be killing people, and eventually it will be someone you know or love. Count on it.


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Markus Anthony

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