Americans’ Wrath Should Be On China, Not Each Other

Coronavirus is going to be the deadliest war in American history, causing more death than any military war with a foreign enemy in our country’s history. And yes, it is a war. Make no mistake, we were attacked by a foreign enemy. War is taking our innocent citizens, our most vulnerable, not our soldiers. That’s what makes this war so insidious and diabolical.

Instead of being at war with each other in a totally polarized nation, we are at war with China and Covid-19, we just haven’t realized it yet. China unleashed the deadly virus on every nation on the planet, and I really don’t care if it was an accident or not, they are guilty of killing 1.5 million people so far, with no end in sight. When you accidently poison someone, you are guilty in our justice system.

The sooner Americans turn their anger on China and not each other, the better off this nation will be. Every American should be laser focused on bringing severe consequences and punishment on this foul Communist country.

I implore the coming administration to take a fierce and punitive position towards China. As the world’s most prosperous nation, we should begin a systematic plan to get rid of as many Chinese manufactured goods as we can, as fast as we can. I know this is going to be economically painful for our country, but it’s clearly the right thing to do.

Most Americans won’t want to do what it will take to get rid of Chinese goods here, because we all are used to the cheap junk they have flooded on our markets through Walmart and Amazon and every other retailer. But that’s because Americans are looking at this all wrong. WE SHOULD BE IN FULL ON WAR MODE with China, economically, socially and diplomatically!

Do you think that Americans didn’t suffer and make economic sacrifices in WWII in order to bring down Germany and Japan?? After 9/11, what would you have sacrificed financially in order to bring down the terrorists responsible for killing all our innocent citizens? How much are you willing to sacrifice when Americans are dying? If you call yourself an American patriot like so many people do, now is the time to prove it. Americans are dying every day, every hour, and China is to blame. Like the great Sean Connery said to Kevin Costner as he was dying in “The Untouchables”, “WHAT ARE YOU PREPARED TO DO?”

Well I’m a real patriot, the kind that founded this country, and I will put my money on the line to fight this ghastly enemy. Are you??

As a technical salesman for a prestigious American adhesive supplier in the early 1990’s, I saw firsthand over and over again how Chinese goods have ruined our manufacturing base and stolen our quality jobs. China steals our technologies, ignores our patents, and floods our country with Chinese government-backed products that make competition thoroughly unfair and lawless.

In the 80’s and early 90’s, Rubbermaid in Wooster, Ohio was listed as one of the “Best American Companies to Work For”. Great benefits, great salaries and an overall quality company with great products and happy employees. Rubbermaid was eventually forced into bankruptcy thanks to a partnership with Walmart and their insistence on the absolute cheapest prices from their suppliers. Walmart was all too happy to bankrupt this great American company, founded in the 1920’s, by replacing them with cheap Chinese suppliers. If you talk to anyone who has ever been a supplier to Walmart, they are notorious for beating down their suppliers relentlessly.

Besides the Walton family, countless other American traitors have sold out the American worker to save a few pennies on Chinese manufactured goods. This has been happening for decades. We all know someone who was affected by the Chinese influx of sub-par trash that shows up on our shores every day.

We all drank the Kool-Aid and thought that saving some money on our useless crap was a good thing. But now we’ve all seen our great jobs melt away, and our nation now relies on a foul Communist nation for critical chemicals, drugs and many products vital to our national security. China supplies 90% of our antibiotics, and 80% of our drug ingredients. How or why we let this happen is beyond me, but now is the time to act.

We should be making all our drugs, antibiotics, medical devices and every other critical product within our borders, or at the very least at our trading partners who are not Communist and who have not wreaked havoc through a worldwide pandemic. This will be a monumental undertaking, but it’s unequivocally the right thing to do now. It will also be a long, arduous project, but anything worth doing is never quick and easy.

Our colleges and universities educate Chinese nationals every semester, and they are disgustingly happy to line their coffers with foreign money at the expense of our national security. I would kick every last Chinese student out of this country tomorrow, and that wouldn’t even be drastic enough to fix our problems with China.

We can all do our part. You can always write your congressman or congresswoman. But each and every day you can make a concerted effort to find out where your purchases are manufactured and buy goods outside of Communist China. You will undoubtedly pay more for certain items, as I do all the time. The other day, I bought a ceramic baking pan from France, and it was twice the price of the Chinese manufactured garbage. But it will last me a lifetime and I can pass it along to my children, which should be something worth paying extra for.

You can also pressure companies like Walmart and Amazon to provide more American made alternatives. It’s not that hard to make choices when you put your hard earned American money on the line. American mega cap CEO’s will only makes changes when they see their sales plummeting through our thoughtful choices to buy American manufactured goods. I also refuse to buy stock in Chinese companies like Nio and Alibaba, no matter how good they might look. I am a real patriot, are you??

By the time the pandemic is over, China will have probably killed a quarter million American citizens. What is that worth to you? Now is the time for all of us to start acting like the great American patriots we claim to be.

We all can put our money behind American manufacturers faithfully, when we can. And American companies can be pressured into acting like patriots and putting American national security, safety and economic well-being above short-term profits. I personally don’t care if our GDP or the stock market goes down, WHAT’S RIGHT IS RIGHT!

Sadly, this article will fall on deaf ears, because right now a majority of Americans aren’t even patriotic enough to wear masks…



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Markus Anthony

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